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Featured Projects

Stewart Fefer
Ruby designed and planted a wonderful diverse garden that met all my needs for a low maintenance, drought resistant garden comprised of native and non-invasive plants that are colorful, and attract birds, butterflies and bees. Ruby created a beautiful design with walkways and a patio amongst the garden spaces resulting in a true relaxing oasis. exceptionally crafted
Denise Caron
Surrounded by woods our gardens echo our natural landscape . Designed and installed by Ruby McDermott, they have soft curving borders which frame our ocean and forest views.
The perennials are the steady anchor. This allows me to speak to my creative side with annuals for bright color. Ruby listens to find the heart of the garden owner. I highly recommend her.
Fran Phillipp
We have been working with Ruby for over 25 years. She has designed the landscape for three very different homes for us, and then updated the designs as the gardens grew and matured. She is extremely talented and creative and a joy to work with. She is truly an artist whose medium just happens to be flowers and plants and shrubs!

We especially appreciate Ruby’s holistic approach to landscape design. She really listens to her clients, understands their lifestyles and aesthetics, and designs outdoors spaces that are a perfect fit. Her designs have an energy and a flow to them that are very natural and welcoming, elements that were very important to us.

In addition, Ruby has a deep appreciation for nature. She is very sensitive to landscape design that works with the natural setting around it, including all the local flora and fauna. For example, Ruby completely got why I didn't want to cut down a certain tree that was in the way of everything else. It was the “landing tree” for my bird feeders and the place where all the birds would fly into and out of between trips to the feeder. 

Harraseeket Inn: Penny Gray
Without Ruby's vision and extraordinary talents, the Harraseeket Inn's gardens could never have achieved the timeless beauty and elegance that so enchants our guests today.  The inner courtyard and our firepit area by the Broad Arrow Tavern are just two examples of her ability to design gardens that provide so much enjoyment to so many and have become the backdrop of countless weddings and social gatherings.  Thank you, Ruby!

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