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Ruby McDermott Designs


There are indefinite combinations in design, while combining color, texture, and space to create the moving parts of the surrounding Flora and Fauna that is visible throughout the grounds.

My passion is to create spaces that fits with the client’s lifestyle. From outdoor living spaces for family gatherings, to small intimate hide aways, “tucked in” around the corner, while passing colorful textures and fragrances along the way. Introducing unique ways that can attract bees, butterflies, hummingbirds, and birds.


Walkways and Paths

Walkways and paths are an invitation to uncovering  the gardens hidden beauty and unknown destinations leaving behind formality.

I love the opportunity to walk through paths, it welcomes you to step into the garden that becomes more intimate and magical and to find hidden jewels.



Evaluation and Consultation

Discover and discuss your landscape needs and visions with Ruby. She can start from scratch or transition old to new.  

Ruby will take into account on how weather conditions will play in your flora and fauna surroundings, ensuring a design that harmonizes beautifully with your dreams.


Custom Garden and Landscape Design

Let Ruby transform your outdoor space into a captivating oasis. Ruby's ability to skillfully design for gardens, landscapes, entrances, walkways, patios, incorporating your preferences and seamlessly blending it all naturally together.




Sit back and relax while Ruby handles the logistics of your garden installation. From purchasing the necessary materials to managing the entire process, Ruby ensures a smooth transition from design to reality. You're encouraged to choose your preferred contractor, and Ruby is here to assist you every step of the way.

McDermott Designs

Creating Beautiful Gardens

Ruby likes to think of herself as a steward of Restoration and Protection. By using practices to enhance and protect the ecosystems and habitats using natural resources. To rejuvenate older gardens and overgrown sites: removing invasive, rejuvenate soils, introduce plants native to their locations.

Protection of pollinators is a concern these days. In February of 2020, Ruby designed a property full of invasive to the beach. The area was restored using natives and allowing the perennials' to revive.

Last year Ruby installed a landscape for a client, where the focus was on birds. The day installation birds began to appear. Almost immediately. It was a grand success and a wonderful site.

In Florida Ruby installed a garden with a focus on butterflies after a few weeks she was dodging multiple varieties of butterflies while walking through the gardens drinking the nectar that is there for their taking.

Ruby educational resumé includes teaching gardening workshops, lecturing at the Maine Flower Show, attending and later teaching at SMCC, as well as studying landscape design at Radcliffe, floral design at Ritner's School of Floral design.

When Ruby comes onto your property, she brings with her 40 years of experience. She is currently available for consultations and design work throughout Maine and Florida.

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 Her designs have an energy and a flow to them that are very natural and welcoming, elements that were very important to us. In addition, Ruby has a deep appreciation for nature. She is very sensitive to landscape design that works with the natural setting around it.



Sustainable Design

Professional & Experienced

Customized Garden Designs

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